Bro’s Roger Holland and Rory Simmons were raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason at the Manadon Temple.

Double Raising at Smeaton Lodge

After Many Discussions with the Provincial Office special dispensation was enthusiastically given to modify the ceremony to allow for Bro Simmons special needs.

Bro Rory has Global Neurological delay syndrome and Disarthurs syndrome.

His Seconder W. Bro Bowden took the chair of King Solomon and conducted the ceremony. His Proposer and father assisted Rory by his side.

We should also thank Bro Roger Holland for his agreeing to take part in this special ceremony.

Bro Rory’s Masonic journey has been supported by W. Bro Bowden and Bro Simmons who without their tireless support may not have been so successful.

With some officers unable to attend the meeting it was gratifying to see other members of Smeaton lodge stand in to ensure Bro Rory and Bro Roger had a memorable evening and shows that Smeaton Lodge and Devonshire Province have taken the meaning of inclusion fully on board.