Following on from the recent Members' Pathway Familiarisation Zoom meetings, the lodge requested a presentation for their members to help them plan the lodge's future.

On Tuesday 24th May W.Bro David Goode, Lead Representative for Torbay in the Membership Team, was invited to deliver a presentation to approximately 20 lodge members and a visitor. 

W.Bro D Kerswell, W.Bro C Heath, W.Bro David Endean, W.Bro D Goode, W.Bro P Lucas
Worshipful Master and newer brethren with W.Bro D Goode

W. Bro Goode explained how the Provincial Membership process works and the impact that it has on both candidates and lodges who participate in the scheme. This then led into a session about Members' Pathway and how effective it can be to help the lodge to plan their goals as well as helping to keep the lodge focused on the relevant tasks. At this point there were some common elements and benefits between the two individual elements - Membership Process and Member's Pathway.

We then looked at the role of the Lodge Membership Officer and how the lodge could work as a team to support them to coordinate the work involved.

Feedback at the festive board was positive and several members expressed that some fears had been allayed from previous misinformation and that it was now obvious that the lodge had much to discuss and consider.

A follow up email from their secretary, Bro. Mark Willetts, proved the benefit of the evening...

On behalf of our Worshipful Master David Endean and the Brethren of Pleiades Lodge may I pass our thanks for your informative talk yesterday evening.

The information you provided has given us a great deal to work on, along with a direction to follow to achieve what we need. 

The festive board was most enjoyable and it was good to see the lodge embracing the need for change but still retaining their character and traditions.

If your lodge would like to receive this presentation then please feel free to contact the membership team using the form on the Provincial website - - please make sure you select "Membership" as the intended recipient.

W. Bro David Goode PPrSGD
Membership Team - Torbay Lead Representative