W Bro Ian Kingsbury - Provincial Grand Master

Brethren once again it was not possible for us to gather at our usual Provincial Grand Lodge meeting in April of this year, due to government restrictions. Instead, a small Provincial Grand Lodge meeting will be held at Harrier Court to comply with Grand Lodge requirements and to enable us to deal with the administrative business of this province.

Much has been happening behind the masonic scenes and within our communities since last years meeting, but It has been very disappointing that our Provincial Wardens and the acting Provincial Officers have not been able to enjoy their new ranks to the full by visiting your Lodges. Let us hope the future months will enable them to get out and about. At this point I should just like to remind you that this Province was honoured with the appointment of W.Bro Keith Williams as an acting Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies, who has also missed out on visits to other provinces accompanying our Rulers.

Many brethren far too many to mention have been working so hard in our communities to help those less able to cope with the lockdown caused by covid. Some brethren have been rewarded with a letter of commendation from our Grand Master HRH the
Duke of Kent. I am sure your lodges will be proud of you, the Province also congratulates you and many others that have shown the true masonic spirit.

I cannot have a better team in my Executive and all of the senior provincial officers who are working so hard to maintain the status of this wonderful province. I commend each and every one of them for the way they have dealt with the challenges that have been put before us, a very big thank you.

We would all like to pay tribute to the excellent service given by W.Bro. Richard Ebrey as our Provincial Grand Secretary and thank him for continuing in the role as Assistant Grand Secretary. I am sure we all wish W.Bro.Tony Jordan success in his appointment as Provincial Grand Secretary.

Brethren we are all going to have to face new challenges, probably a new way of life living with this dreaded disease. What is for certain we are being lead into a new more dynamic era on how we as masons present ourselves to society in general.

What will not change are our ancient ceremonies and the principles by which we live. It is our duty to fully support the initiatives that our Rulers, the Secretariat and other departments of UGLE will be introducing over the coming months. I realise that your priority will be to get your lodge back to some normality and of course deal with the candidates that are waiting to join us. However I would ask you to familiarize yourselves with the introduction of:

  1. Hermes a new computer system designed to assist lodge secretaries in the administration of lodge business.
  2. Relaunch of The Pathway. I am proud to inform you that W.Bro.Colin Gale has played a role in working on this project for UGLE. Along with his team headed up by our Provincial Membership Officer W.Bro. Mark Lewis will be organizing training sessions in the forthcoming months.
  3. The re-launch of our 2023 MCF Festival, yes only just over a year to run. I must state the enthusiastic and dynamic manner in which our Festival Chairman W.Bro. Peter Keaty our Charity Steward W.Bro. Reuben Ayres our Secretary W.Bro Walker Lapthorne and all of the team will take us forward to a successful conclusion in 2023. Once again I appeal to you brethren we need your support to return as much of the donations that have come into our province, especially in these covid times.
  4. The Digital Marketing Exercise will be launched by UGLE in September that gives a true prospective of Freemasonry to the general public. We hope this campaign will attract the right people to join us.

Two new active Provincial offices, approved by the UGLE, are Membership Officer and Communications Officer. I have appointed W.Bro.Mark Lewis as P.M.O. and W.Bro. Clive Eden as P.C.O.

Both of these brethren will be very happy to assist your Lodge Membership Officer with the digital Marketing Campaign and any other problem concerning your lodge strategy for attracting new members.

Busy times ahead but I am confident that our lodges will cope with future challenges.

I think we all realize that we will be living with this virus and returning to a normal way of life will be difficult. Although the restrictions have been relaxed I urge you to apply caution and take the necessary measures to keep your members safe. I also appeal to you to be understanding of the measures we have taken to restrict the attendance of the Executive and the active provincial officers at Installations over the next few months. Some lodges are restricting the numbers that can attend these meetings, it would be unfair if our normal number of provincial officers attend preventing your own members from enjoying their Installation meeting. It will be our aim to return to normal attendance at Installations as soon as possible and when safe for everyone.

In the meantime I thank you for your resilience and your continued practice of our masonic principles towards your brother on the square and your neighbour in society.

R.W. Bro I. Kingsbury PGM