Ian PennyIan was initiated into freemasonry on 14th January 1972 at a meeting in Blundells Lodge No 5467 in Great Queen Street London. Having experienced Masonry in the London style he decided to broaden his experience and try Freemasonry the Devonshire way and became a joining member of Unity Lodge in November 1974.

As Ian progressed through the various lodge offices, following closely behind his brother Michael, he was installed into the chair of King Solomon of Blundells Lodge in January 1980 . Some nine years later he was successfully installed into the chair of Unity lodge in September 1989.

Ian was awarded a London Grand Rank in October 1990 and gained Provincial Honours in Devonshire in April 1989 as Provincial Assistant Grand Secretary. According to the current records on the Grand Lodge computer system Ian remained in that role for 26 years. That must set some sort of masonic record, but It is suspected that there is an error on the computer, as records show that his brother took over those duties the following year. Ian was awarded the rank of Provincial Junior Grand Warden in April 1998.
Moving onto relate some personal details, when Ian managed to get away from work as a partner in the Soliciting firm of Veitch Penny where he began in 1973 and is now a consultant, he indulged in the hobbies of rugby and hashing Ian became very involved in rugby and had a very good career with Crediton Rugby Club where he scored 178 points from games played between 1968 and 1975.

He progressed to the position of Honourable secretary from 1979 to 1985 and rose even higher to Club President from 2014 to 2017 and is now a director of the Club.

The other sporting interest in his life has been “Hashing” which is a way to promote physical fitness, get rid of weekend hangovers, acquire a good thirst, satisfying it with beer and persuade older members that they are not as old as they feel. It's a mixture of athleticism and sociability, hedonism and hard work, a refreshing escape from the nine-to-five. it involves a mad form of cross country running ending up at a pub for refreshment. There are some 27 Hashing clubs in Devon.

Ian’s Brother Michael Penny sadly could not be there on the evening but sent the following message to be read out to him by Ian Kingsbury our PGM who was in attendance to present Ian with his 50 Year certificate.

My Dear Bruv Ian,


I am so bitterly disappointed that I cannot be with you tonight to share in your celebrations of 50 years service to our wonderful Order. What a brilliant achievement. I so wanted to be present tonight not just as your blood brother but as a masonic brother and also as Worshipful Master of Blundells Lodge into which you were initiated in January 1972. I had the privilege of being present in The Mostyn Hotel on that cold January day. It was my first meeting after my own initiation. I was so looking forward to seeing someone else go through. Dad was in the Chair and I think we needed a few visitors to fill some of the offices as was the norm in those days. But all went well and you were duly initiated in a typical “Douglas ceremony” and our pathway in Blundells started and we went up the ladder together you first being the senior in the Lodge.

I remember so well our trips in the train and how we always tried and usually succeeded in drinking the buffet out of gin before the train reached Reading! The journey up was always great fun.
I think we all particularly enjoyed our meetings in The National Liberal Club and how every bed there felt like Cyril Smith had slept in it !! not that we spent much time asleep because they had a very cooperative Night porter who kept us supplied with liquid refreshment.


Do you remember the time we both turned up at the station only to discover that we were both wearing identical suits from the Cornish’s January sale and everyone was confused as to who was Ian and who was Mike so we swapped identity that day which caused even more confusion!!


You were installed as WM by Dad in 1980 prior to which we enjoyed some fun with Dad as WM and us as his Wardens which was quite unusual. I think you joined the 1980 Masters Club and had a lot of fun with them. You were a regular attender at Blundells for many years and served as Treasurer.


I bring today the warmest wishes and Congratulations and great affection from every Member of Blundells Lodge 5467. We wish you many more happy years in masonry and look forward to seeing you hopefully at the Tivvy Meeting in June.


Ian I will be thinking of you this evening and definitely raising a glass at 9 pm.