W. Bro Derek Webber presented the certificate on the PGMs behalf on the 7th December 2021 at Fortescue Lodge at Honiton No 847 . When the lodge closed after a short meeting the ladies came into the lodge to hear the presentation which was exactly 50 years to the evening. The Ladies then joined in a wonderful Christmas festive board ending once again another very happy masonic evening.

Raymond Lee 50 years certificate

W. Bro Raymond Edward Denham Lee PPrJGW the Worshipful Master and brethren of Fortescue Lodge number 847 have given me the very great honour, privilege and indeed pleasure in presenting to you our Provincial Grand Masters certificate marking your having served 50 years as a Freemason in this wonderful Province of Devonshire and more specifically Fortescue Lodge number 847, for you were initiated into this Lodge on the 7th December 1971 exactly 50 years ago this evening by the then Worshipful Master Worshipful Brother B A Harris.

You were proposed by Brother Jack Sandford and seconded by Brother F L Turl who was the Lodge organist. You were passed to the second degree or that of a Fellow Craft on the 1st February 1972 and raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason on the 4th April 1972. You were born in Maidenhead Berkshire on the 21st April 1937 the only child of Edward and Kathleen Lee. You grew up in Maidenhead and your education was at Burchetts Green School, Boyn Hill School, Maidenhead County Boys School, Reading University and West London University.

On leaving education for the next period of your life you worked for six different companies prior to starting your own chartered surveyors and architectural consultants practice which you ran for 30 years at 42 High Street Honiton assisted by your wife Janet who ran the office. During your career you have built in nine different countries and on 4 continents and you have had many important clients over that long period. You married Janet in 1963 at Stubbings Church Maidenhead. You and Janet have four Children Edmund Tanya Jasmine and Estelle and nine Grandchildren Robert Christine Carys Rhiannon laurel Megan Gemma Naomi and Aaron.

Returning to your Masonic life you progressed through the offices of Fortescue Lodge and were installed as Worshipful Master on the 2nd November 1981 by the then Worshipful Master Worshipful Brother David Hext, interestingly David Hext was born in Paignton (so was I ) he was a chorister at Paignton Parish church but he had left the choir by the time I joined. But he was a regular attender at the church up until his death.. At the time of your installation into the chair of this Lodge it had a membership of 120 plus .after your year as IPM you later became Secretary of the Lodge an office you held for 12 years. Your main interest here was and still is the progress and development of the Lodge for its members and the people of Honiton, you were instrumental in preparing plans for building regulations and fire precautions obtaining approvals with no charge made to the Lodge for your services.

The lodge very much appreciates the hard work that you have put in, organising and arranging planning for all the extensions which have occurred over the many years that you have been a member. You have plans in place to keep the lodge viable financially for the coming years.

You have written the Lodge history and also presented a Chronicle of the Lodge dating every event from consecration to the present day.

You received a first Provincial appointment of PPrJGD promoted to PPrGReg and finally promoted to PPrJGW the very high rank you hold today. You were Exalted into Fortescue Chapter number 847 progressing through the offices and becoming first principle in 1989, You received Provincial Chapter Honours of PPrAGSoj PPrGSwdB PPrDeptGReg PPrGSN. The Very High Chapter Rank you hold today. You were Advanced into Perseverance Mark Lodge number 822 becoming Worshipful Master in 1996 receiving Provincial Mark Honours of PPrGSD promoted to PPrGSO you were a member of Perseverance Mark degree for 39 years, you were also a member of Perseverance Chapter Rose Croix number 664.

You are now the Senior Past Master of Fortescue Lodge No 847. Brother Ray 50 years is a long time and you will have seen many changes in the world this country and indeed in Honiton over that long period you have lived through a World war, under two Monarchs, 19, Prime Ministers and 7, Provincial Grand Masters in this Province, freemasonry is changing and I suppose it will continue to change in order to attract and retain new members but the basic principles of brotherly love relief and truth remain principles you are have upheld throughout your life, 50 years ago tonight you laid your foundation here in the North-East Part of Fortescue Lodge number 847 and you have raised a super structure perfect in its parts and honourable to you the builder, Brother Ray I congratulate you, you are an example to us all, I hope you continue to enjoy your freemasonry but of course more importantly that we may enjoy your company.

Now on behalf of our Provincial Grand Master R. W. Bro Ian Kingsbury who sends to you his best wishes and warmest congratulations I have much pleasure in presenting his certificate to you, but I would first like to read the citation, and I offer you my own personal congratulations. Well done.

Derek G Webber PSGD Past Assistant Provincial Grand Master