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In todays world of the pandemic when everyones thoughts are about Coronavirus and how to stay safe, it is heartwarming to hear about a young girl who is thinking of others.

Six year old Esmae Heaney was out shopping in Plymouth with her Mum Tegan when she saw another little girl of a similar age who had no hair, Esmae asked her Mum why the little girl looked like that. Tegan explained that she was receiving treatment for cancer and that this was one of the effects caused by Chemotherapy, nothing more was said and Tegan thought that was the end of it. Suddenly several days later Esmae asked her mum,

“If I cut my hair off could I give it to that little girl”.

It is six years since Esmae was born and in that time she has never had her hair cut, with the exception of trims to tidy it up and her request came as a big shock as both mother and daughter loved her hair long but, she insisted that was what she would like to do.

Esmae with long hair
Esmae holding ponytails
Ponytails being measured

Tegan with the help of her Grandfather Ray Sparkes who lives in Exeter looked into how they could carry out Esmae’s wishes, after a long search they found an organisation called “the Little Princess Trust”.

The Little Princess Trust was founded in 2006 and based in Hereford, they provide free real hair wigs to children and young people who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment or other conditions.

Providing free real hair wigs is at the heart of what they do and they have supplied over 8000 free wigs since 2006 and have invested £5 million for ground breaking research towards the development of less aggressive and less toxic cancer treatments.

Not only did Esmae donate 50cm of her hair but she also raised hundreds of pounds in sponsorship including £200 from her Great Grandfathers Masonic lodge, St. John the Baptist, one of the oldest English Freemasons lodges in the world which is based in Exeter.

W Bro Clive Eden PAGDC
Provincial Press Officer