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RW Bro Ian KingsburyDear Brethren

Following the lifting of legal restrictions in the summer it is pleasing to see many of our lodges now meeting again and taking the opportunity the carry out the business items of the lodge and in many cases initiating some of the candidates who have been waiting some time.

However we should all continue to be vigilant. Covid-19 has not gone away, in fact infection rates in the South West of England remain high. We are also approaching winter and at this time of the year coughs and colds as well as influenza. It is clear that in the vast majority of people, serious illness is avoided if double vaccinated even should they fall ill. Symptomatic infection in those who have received a booster (third) vaccination is reduced even further.

Many of our meeting places have introduced their own rules and recommendations as far as mask wearing and social distancing are concerned. All provide hand sanitising which I urge you to use.

Some of our members are delaying their return and hope that the time will come soon when they decide to return to our meetings. It is important that you only go to meetings if you feel confident but please do not attend if you feel unwell. No one should feel under any pressure to attend lodge. It is up to each person to make that judgement for themselves. Consider a lateral flow test (LFT) to check that you are negative before attending any lodge meeting.

Brethren we have a duty of care both to ourselves, our families and our fellow members. We all need to keep in touch and look after each other, so please do not neglect this important aspect of our duty towards our Brothers.

I wish you all well. Please take care and stay safe.

RWBro Ian Kingsbury JP
Provincial Grand Master of Devonshire