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We have had a cracking first day at the Devon County Show. There were very busy periods during the day and the public been allowed to linger, then we would have spoke to more people.

Unfortunately, the COVID Marshals and social distancing rules impacted upon our engagement.  


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However, our total for public engagement was 1605 today.   The team, W.Bro’s Goode, Sidwell, Weaver, Lewis and Bro’s Porte and McMillan, who were joined  by W.Bro’s Aileen Nott, Margaret’s Taylor and Bro Hannah Furneaux-Gotch of the OWF, worked hard today and even with regular breaks we have all left the ground in high spirits but shattered.

From that engagement the OWF have 4 ladies seeking more information on joining and we have 3 men. 

We are looking forward to Saturday and Sunday. 

W Bro Mark Lewis
Provincial Grand Membership Officer