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Lodge of St Simon No.6376 - Past Masters jewelMy name is Chris Wadsworth and I am a member of the Lodge of St Simon No. 6376, I also volunteer at PGL Devonshire as an archivist which is how I met Richard Ebrey Provincial Grand Secretary.

Richard, apart from being Provincial Grand Secretary, is an avid masonic jewel collector and receives alerts on his phone from many auction houses as well as electronic auction sites when certain items that he has an interest in are offered for sale.

A few weeks ago I received a telephone call from Richard to say that a Lodge of St Simon past masters jewel for the years 1951-52 had just been posted on eBay and was it of interest to the lodge. I replied that I thought 100% yes but I will send out a round robin email to gauge the feelings of the brethren of the lodge. Well, within minutes the replies where pinging my inbox as well as my phone was alive with lodge members champing at the bit to acquire this jewel.

I then went back to Richard and explained the lodge is defiantly interested in acquiring this piece of the lodge history and would Richard please act on behalf of the lodge to which he replied yes. Richard is a member of an organisation called “Jewels of the craft” and so was the seller so we left it to Richard to have an arm wrestle with the seller and secure the best deal he could on our behalf. I am very pleased to say that Richard was successful and the Lodge of St Simon now have recovered a lost piece of the lodge history.

The lodge of St Simon was consecrated in March 1947 this jewel being manufactured by Fanttorini & Sons a well know masonic jewel manufacturer. While the name is still in existence today the part of the company that made this jewel disappeared in the mid-1980s. This jewel dating from 1952 was presented to W. Bro S.W. Channing who was a founder member of the lodge, at the consecration ceremony. Bro S.W. Channing was Junior Deacon which makes this jewel the oldest past master’s jewel we have in the lodge, and will hold a cherished place in the lodge history.

The jewel is to be retained by the lodge and used as a perpetual past master’s jewel at every installation ceremony.

The lodge of St Simon is permanently indebted to Richard Ebrey for the help received in acquiring this jewel.