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This morning, Saturday 20th June 2020, a delegation of Past Masters from The Lodge of True Love and Unity No 248 made a surprise visit to W Bro. Bill Wallace on the occasion of his achieving 60 years membership of the lodge. W Bro Paul de Chesterlaine Worshipful Master of the lodge “virtually” presented W Bro Bill with his 60 year certificate along with a bottle of refreshment and a card of congratulation from the brethren of the lodge.

Bill Wallace and Past Masters- 60 years at True Love and Unity Lodge No.248
Bill Wallace and certificate- 60 years at True Love and Unity Lodge No.248

At the same time, Bill was also presented with a certificate indicating honorary membership to go with his honorary memberships of the Chapter and Mark degrees.

As can be observed from the picture Bill does not enjoy the best of health and has not been able to attend lodge meetings for sometime but is a staunch supporter of Freemasonry after having been a very keen member and lodge organist for many years.

The past Masters present were left to right W Bro Vic Willescroft, W Bro Bob Brooke, W Bro Keith Bower, W Bro Paul de Chastelain, W Bro Tony Davies ( Treasurer) and W Bro Carl Hetherington. W Bro Philip Adam kindly took the photographs. Social distancing was achieved throughout with the W.M. placing the certificates, gift and card on the front doorstep of Bills house, ringing the door bell and retreating to a safe distance.

W Bro Bill was delighted that the lodge has made the effort to support this occasion which was also enjoyed in the company of his wife Anne who was let in on the surprise before hand.

W Bro Keith Bower PPrSGW