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At a recent meeting (at a safe distance) the Devonshire Freemasons donated £1000 to the Devon Freewheelers also known as the Bloodbikes to enable them to continue the important work they are doing in transporting Covid 19 samples from test centres and hospitals to laboratories in addition to their other important duties.

Last Saturday two Assistant Provincial Grand Masters Peter Keaty and Craig Cox met up with Dave Cook and Mick Scaife to present them with the grant and congratulate them on the courage and determination they show as volunteer riders, this makes a total of £3000 donated to the charity from different branches of Freemasonry this week alone.

Bloodbikes collect cheque with social distancing
Cheque presented to Bloodbikes

Click here to watch a short video about this donation.

Devon Freewheelers Emergency Voluntary Service (also known as the Devon Blood Bikes) are a team of volunteer GMP trained Riders and GMP trained Drivers, Call Handlers and Fundraisers who are dedicated to providing a 24 hrs a day 7 days a week service, supporting the NHS in delivering essential whole blood, blood & other medical samples including Covid 19 test samples, medication, patient notes, medical equipment, tissue samples and donor breast milk to hospitals, air ambulances and other NHS establishments and even to patients homes throughout Devon.

When presenting the cheque Craig Cox expressed his admiration of the hard work and bravery of, not only Dave and Mick but all the members of the Devon Freewheelers who have worked so tirelessly throughout this current pandemic as well as the very neccessary work they also do under more normal circumstances, as a volunteer group they deserve all the praise they receive as well as the funding to enable them to keep doing what they do so well.

Dave Cook and Mick Scaife said in reply how grateful they were for the cheque for £1000 as well as the one received earlier in the week for another £2000 also from the Devonshire Freemasons without which it would be impossible to continue doing what comes so naturally to each one of them.