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In these rather strange and unusual times, be assured that Masonry has not gone into “hibernation”! Our Province is as active as ever, and this Newsletter is to give you a “snapshot” of what is going on around the Province…

ian kingsbury pgmBut first, our Provincial Grand Master – R.W. Bro. Ian Kingsbury

“I have asked W.Bro. Craig Cox to review the Devonshire Mason and in the meantime, he has kindly volunteered to compile this newsletter. I am grateful to Craig and hope it might keep you up to date and possibly cheer you up in these uncertain times.

You do not need us to present you with all the latest statistics that we are bombarded with daily in the media. Like you I realise that the information gained from these facts is essential for our medical experts and politicians to find the best way to fight this dreaded disease. I am also very much aware that all the facts and figures in the world are of no consolation to those of you that have either lost or are separated from a loved one. Not a day goes by without thinking of the very sad situations some people are in, and my deepest and heartfelt sympathy goes out to you - I and my executive share your grief.

It gives me an opportunity to thank all of the Brethren that are caring for others like our Provincial Almoner W.Bro. Bob Munro and his team; our Provincial Mentor W.Bro. Chris Thomas for keeping us on our toes; our Provincial Charity Steward W.Bro. Reuben Ayres working hard to keep our Festival alive.

To each and every one of you who are carrying out those unseen acts of kindness for your brethren and the community at large - I am so proud of you all and look forward to the day we can shake hands again.

We do not know when we will be able to meet again and we will of course obey the restrictions and await guidance from Grand Lodge. Like our AGM Sir David Wootton recently stated, Masonry relies on brethren getting together to form the very basic element of our order “Fellowship”. This will happen and until it does take great care of yourselves and keep safe.”

Yours ever


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