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Who are The Association of Friends: In all RMBI Homes, a volunteer group of local Freemasons exist, called the Association of Friends. The associations work closely with the Homes and support them in providing the highest level of care for our residents. The groups are also a great opportunity for local Freemasons and their dependants to practically support the work of the charity.

Chairman's Update:

I sincerely hope everybody who is in the position to read our newsletter is safe, well and healthy.

With our A.G.M cancelled this year and unfortunately it now looks as if our Summer Fair will not be going ahead due to the Government Directive with regards to Social Distancing. We must as a priority safeguard the grounds and sur-roundings of the home for the safety of residents, staff and the public.

I have recently spoken to the Provincial Grand Master of Devon and he has agreed to open next years Summer Fair 2021.

We still intend to have the prize draw as Summer Fair programmes have been sent to all Lodges for distribution, I am sure they will be passed on to the Brethren when Masonic business is reinstated and we return to normality, hopefully before the year is out. If any Lodge has not received their programmes please contact either me or our secretary Leo Clarke.

Obviously due to the present crisis we are unsure when the summer fair draw will take place, “but it will happen this year”, any ticket sold or Lodges who would like to make donations please forward them to the Summer Fair Treasurer - B. Wilson, West, West Nightcott, Dulverton, Somerset. TA22 9RT

To date I can happily report that no member of Staff or Resident has contracted Covid 19 and I am sure you will join me in congratulating the dedicated Staff for their hard work in keeping the Residents safe and well.

Although the home must stay closed to visitors it remains open to receive new residents but only if they have com-plied with all the measures set out by the home.

Stay safe.

W. Bro. A. Blamey
Chairman AOFOCC Exeter

Cadogan Court Nursing Home Update

As friends of Cadogan Court we wanted to update all the brethren in Somerset , Devon and Cornwall on the great work that is going on at our own Masonic Nursing Home in Exeter.

The Residents

The safety of our loved ones is paramount and we are delighted to see that Cadogan Court was well ahead of many nursing and residential homes in initiating screening of visitors, as well as ‘zoning’ areas of Cadogan Court to minimise potential transmission of infection either between residents or staff. This proactive measure has ensured that there are, to date, no cases of Covid-19 at Cadogan Court or amongst the staff.


W.Bro Neil Double-day ( Ashburton lodge No. 2189) and W.Bro Alastair Duncan (Lavender Hill lodge No. 3191) have used their 3D printers and provided face shields for the staff at Cadogan Court. This was much appreciated. The RMBI has been extremely well focused and worked very hard to source and supply PPE to Cadogan Court, as well as other Masonic homes. We are delighted by the resourcefulness of the staff at Cadogan Court. Debbie Kirk, the manager, several weeks ago pioneered the use of an Ipad/tablet to enable the residents to see and talk with their loved ones and friends during the lockdown.

The Home

Although Cadogan Court is closed to visitors and relatives, it is business as normal as possible, activities continue and new admissions are also being accepted. The staff remain positive and are greatly motivated by the good wishes, thoughts and tokens of appreciation from everyone.

On behalf of Cadogan Court we would like to thank you all for your support in the past, present and in the future.

Bro. Leo Clarke
Hon Secretary