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I visited Sir Walter Raleigh Lodge No. 2958 to present our Provincial Grand Master's Certificate of Service to Freemasonry of 60 years to Worshipful Brother Derek Roland Fisher holder of London Grand rank.

Brother Derek was initiated into Eltham Palace Lodge No. 2980 on 20th May 1959. At that time the Lodge had 140 members and the annual subscription was five guineas which included dining and wine. Brother Derek was born In Khanspur on the North-West Frontier of India (now Pakistan) where his father was a regular soldier and also a member of St John's Lodge No. 77 in Secunderabad.

Returning to England he started his education and also joined the Boy Scouts, joining the National Fire service at the age of 15 during the era of the Doodlebugs etc. and then serving in the Royal Air Force where he trained as a navigator before joining a squadron flying in Canberra B2s, the first of the Royal Air Force jet bombers, flying in the Plymouth air display in June 1954.

W Bro Derek Fisher awarded 60 years certificate to Freemasonry
W Bro Derek Fisher awarded 60 years certificate to Freemasonry

I was further able to explain Derek's extensive working life and his family life. Brother Derek became Worshipful Master of Eltham Palace Lodge No. 2980 in 1965 and as he had attended the Lodge of Instruction on a regular basis, it held him in good stead as at that time the Master performed two ceremonies at each meeting resulting in a very busy year.

Following his year as Immediate Past Master he took the office of Chaplain until 1987 and then moved to live in America where he attended lodges on a regular basis. On returning to this country he became a joining member at Sir Walter Raleigh Lodge No. 2958 where he is very pleased and happy to be a member.

As the Provincial Grand Master Rt Worshipful Brother Ian Kingsbury was present at the meeting he was able to present his certificate in person and also a certificate from Eltham Palace Lodge No. 2980 (pictures awaited).

The Brethren showed their appreciation in the usual way and all then retired for an excellent Festive Board ending yet again another happy and special Masonic evening.

W Bro. Derek G Webber, PSGD
Past Assistant Provincial Grand Master.