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This article highlights the true spirit of Freemasonry and at a time when many of us can do little but comply with the lockdown orders. W Bro Mark Bowes-Cavanagh, of Courtland Lodge No.6706, has made some generous donations through his own company. Below is the information provided by W Bro Mark along with responses from some of the recipients.

Hi All,

adsl sanitizer 001As you know I own ADSL which is technical provider for cosmetics and pharmaceutical testing. I am currently working with a local manufacturer to produce a large volume of hand sanitiser, which is sadly in shortage. I will undergo all testing to meet the regulations for free and am supplying raw materials to aid the manufacture. I also have the appropriate conponentry and labelling is in hand. My idea is to supply the NHS, we already have two trusts who require the product as well as local businesses and our precious, older generation. I have already sold some bulk to the Middle East as they also require the product. The money I have received from this and any donations that are given locally for sanitisers I will donate in its entirety to the Intensive Care Unit staff controlling the COVID-19. I will update everyone more next week when I confirm availability of sanitisers for the local community, of course I am supplying the NHS first. #workingtogether#local community.

Compass House - 29 surgeries.

Thank you so much to Mark from ADSL (Advanced Development & Safety Laboratories Ltd) for donating us bottles of hand sanitiser today.

These donations really do make a difference and help keep our patients and staff safe. Central supplies have yet to filter through to GP surgeries and we are still collecting supplies as we need enough to get us through the next 3+ months. Anything we receive over our requirements we share out with other GP practices locally so please keep them coming in. As a reminder the items we need are:

  • Full sleeve gowns
  • Fpp2 masks
  • Fpp3 masks
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Scrubs
  • Face visors
  • Sanitising wipes
  • Head and shoe covers
  • Plastic aprons

Thank you 😊


Henry Tobin wrote:

Mark, thank you so much for producing the respirator fit test solutions for us. These will be used directly in fit testing protective equipment used by front line NHS doctors and nurses who are working in services directly caring for Covid19 patients, plus all the sanitisers are so valuable!

Your help with this is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Henry.

So far donated free testing, 7000 sanitisers to NHS, care homes, schools and surgeries!

W Bro Mark Bowes-Cavanagh

Further information on the company

ADSL currently provides a number of technical solutions to many clients in the UK and abroad from formulation to safety testing. 

As a summary, please see the corporate video at the following link and a list of services below I can offer you accordingly;

In addition please view my new website for any additional information at