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3033 W. Bro Robert Garley first promotionOn 16th December 2019 W. Bro Charles Yelland, Assistant PGM, was pleased to bestow a first appointment of Provincial Honours to W Bro Robert Garley a long standing member and Past master of Mandon Lodge 3033 in Plymouth.

W. Bro Garley has been a loyal member of Manadon Lodge for 17 years and has served in every office in the Lodge, he has been a long standing member of the social committee and attends all of the functions that the Lodge arrange. He is a true inspiration to all of the younger members in the Lodge and is always first to volunteer his assistance when he can.

W. Bro Bob has also been the the Cadogan Court representative for the Lodge and is a very active member.

The evening coincided with the Manadon Family Christmas Party which was attended by members, their wives, families and friends.  

Due to terrible traffic congestion and extensive road works in the area the meeting began an hour later than originally expected.  However it was a great success and was followed by Christmas Carols from the Burraton Men’s Choir and a Traditional Christmas Dinner.

W Bro Garley and wife June are off to celebrate Christmas in Benidorm on Friday 20th December. 

Photo Left to right – Charles Yelland Assis PGM Robert Garley PPJGD W Bro William Thomas PJGD, Visiting Grand Lodge Officer, and  W Bro Mike Dinham PrGS

Rear of Photo - W Bro Anthony Bennett PPJGD Worshipful Master Manadon 3033

Photo  and report - Lodge Secretary W Bro Tony Tucker PPG SwdB