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starcross bowling club 750gbpAt a recent meeting on the grounds of Starcross Bowling Club, Brian Adams representing both the Masonic Lodge of Union who meet at Starcross and the Salem Masonic Lodge meeting in Dawlish presented the club president Eileen Martin and the club captain Simon Whittle with two cheques totalling £750 to enable the club to purchase a defibrillator.

A Defibrillator is a lifesaving device which will restart the heart when a sudden cardiac arrest strikes and restore the normal rhythms of the heart.

Freemasons try their best to be at the heart of their community by helping local charities and good causes wherever possible and Brian Adams said when presenting the cheques that he hoped that the defibrillator would never need to be used, but just knowing that it was there will hopefully make the members feel safer.

Eileen and Simon thanked Brian and the members of both Lodges for their generosity and likewise prayed that there would be no need for it to be required, but the safety of their members is paramount therefor this donation was greatly valued.