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Conciliation Lodge no.3483 in Holsworthy were delighted to be involved in the town’s recent annual St Peter’s Fair week, which is itself steeped in history going back some nine centuries and is presided over by the Portreeve and Ancient Court Leet and the tradition is as popular as ever.

Part of the festivities is that after the Fair is officially proclaimed open by the Portreeve at 8am on the nearest Wednesday to the 9th of July, all school age children who attend are given a free breakfast and this year Conciliation Lodge offered to host the children to a cooked breakfast in the lodge dining room.

All the ingredients for the early morning feast were very generously given by W.Bro.Stuart Kempton PM, and were superbly cooked and served by the Lodge caterer and her band of helpers.

W.Bro.Frank Green, the Worshipful Master, was also in attendance as well as W.Bro.Charlie Yelland, Assistant PGM, who rolled up their sleeves and helped serve some very hungry children, even the parents could not resist so they were fed as well!

Some 50 meals were served and we were thanked for opening our doors to the community. Even some of the dads were intrigued on what we do and several had some interesting questions to ask and we were delighted to answer their queries.

Overall a great event and the Lodge was delighted to be involved and support the town, the local paper sent a reporter and we were pleased to be given a write up and photograph which has been very well received by the whole community.

Conciliation Lodge No.3483 and St Peters Fair week

Photograph L-R W Bro.Stuart Kempton, W.Bro.Charlie Yelland AsstPGM and W.Bro.Frank Green WM as well as some of the children and parents.

W.Bro.Bill Pearce (Secretary)
(Permission has been obtained to use the photographs of the children)