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dw bm 50 01On Friday 12th April 2019, I visited Benevolent Lodge No. 303 at the Masonic Hall, Hollands Road, Teignmouth to present W. Bro. W. R. (Bill) Mesley, SLGR with our Provincial Grand Master’s certificate marking Brother Bill having served fifty years as a Freemason, firstly in London and now in this wonderful Province of Devonshire.

I was able to remind Brother Bill of his achievements through the many different masonic degrees he had passed in this country, and in Budapest, Hungary and also of his family and business life and of his strong family links with Freemasonry.

Brother Bill has had an interesting life and it was a privilege and pleasure on behalf of our Provincial Grand Master R. W. Bro. Ian Kingsbury, who ask me to give his best wishes and warmest congratulations to Brother Bill, to present the certificate.

The Brethren responded in the usual way and Brother Bill thanked me for the research that I had carried out and in the way I presented the certificate. I also presented Brother Bill with his fifty year badge.

All then retired for an excellent Festive Board ending yet again another very happy masonic evening.

W. Bro. Derek G Webber, PSGD
Past Assistant Provincial Grand Master