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On Friday 8th March 2019 I visited The Old Helean Lodge No. 6797 to present our Provincial Grand Master’s Certificate to W. Bro. Brian William Snell to mark his having served fifty years as a Freemason in this wonderful Province of Devonshire and more particularly in Old Helean Lodge No. 6797.

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W. Bro. Brian was Initiated into The Old Helean Lodge on Friday 14th March 1969 by the then Worshipful Master W. Bro. Medlen, having been proposed by Brother David Conway. He then progressed through the Second and Third Degrees becoming a Master Mason. In time working through the Offices of the Lodge and being Installed as Worshipful Master on Friday 11th February 1983 by W. Bro Peter Richard Galt.

Brian served the Offices of Almoner and Charity Steward for very many years. Brian received Provincial appointments of PPrSGD, PPrGReg and PPrJGW the very high rank he holds today.

Brian spent many years as an active member in the Federation of School Lodges, one of the famous five as they were affectionately known. In presenting the certificate, I brought the best wishes and congratulations of our Provincial Grand Master R. W. Bro Ian Kingsbury. The Brethren showed their appreciation in the usual way and all retired for an excellent Festive Board ending another happy Masonic evening.

W. Bro. Derek G. Webber, PSGD
Past Assistant Provincial Grand Master