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alistair wallace 50yearsAt the meeting of Conciliation Lodge No.3483 on Monday 5th. November 2018 W.Bro Charles Yelland APGM presented to W.Bro Alastair Ian Wallace PPrAGDC a 50 year Long Certificate of Service to Freemasonary on behalf of R. W. Bro Ian Kingsbury , Provincial Grand Master of Devonshire.

W.Bro Alastair was born in Singapore on the 21st November 1939. The family fled to Australia in 1942, when the Japanese invaded, and he was subsequently sent back to England to attend school. On leaving school he joined the Royal Marines and it was during this time he met his future wife Maureen, whom he married in 1961. He has been married 57 years:. He then returned to Singapore with the Royal Marines where his son Richard was born. Alastair returned to the U.K and left the Royal Marines and moved to Devon in 1967 to take up farming and this was where his daughter Kirsty was born.

Alastair was initiated in Conciliation Lodge No3483 on the 3rd September 1968 when he was proposed by W. Bro C. T. R. Cornish and Seconded by Bro J.R.J. Rees. On that evening his father W.Bro.William Kerr Wallace attended his Initiation ceremony having travelled from Australia.

Alistair worked his way through the offices of the Lodge and in 1983 he was installed as WM. W.Bro Yelland then pointed out that his Senior Warden that evening had been W.Bro M.Selby-Heard and he was also in attendance this evening. Alistair was Exalted in St Swithun Chapter on 19th October 1970 and subsequently Installed as First Principal in 1989 and he holds the of PPrAGDC.

He was also a founding member of Holsworthy Mark Lodge 1727 and he was the JW at the Consecration in 1994 attaining the Chair in 1997.

Alistair had been the Lodge Charity Steward in Conciliation Lodge for a number of years his current rank in the craft is PPrAGDC

He has had a life-long hobby of sailing and spends time teaching others the finer points. He has been the Commodore of Roadford Lake Sailing Club and he shares a glass of rum with his fellow sailors when racing, wether he wins or loses. He ran a farm at Sutcombe for a number of years with selling animal feed to local farmers. When he retired from farming he took up driving school buses.

In more recent times W.Bro Wallace has not enjoyed the best of health but is well now, after his recent visit to hospital. He was presented with his Certificate as well as a framed copy of the original Summons of his Initiation, a 50 year lapel pin and a bottle of Rum .In conclusion W.Bro.Yelland congratulated W.Bro.Alastair and wished him further good health and hoped he continued to enjoy hid Freemasonry for many years to come. All the brethren present responded with loud applause.

In his response W.Bro Wallace said

I thank you all, as I value the friendship of the Lodge and particularly those who have supported me through my recent illness.