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pgm ken bibbingsThe RW Provincial Grand Master has, after much representation by your Brethren and consideration by himself, decided to honour you with his special award, the Provincial Grand Master’s Certificate of Service to Freemasonry.

You have many achievements in Freemasonry of which to be proud, including being Installed as Master of this fine lodge twice, as Master of Lodge of Concordia, and your recent Installation as First Principal of Jordan Chapter No.1402. There are many other fine accomplishments to your name, many of which were outlined when you received your Certificate for Fifty Years’ Service to Freemasonry presented last year. Those services to the lodges and chapters are recognised in the form of your continued advancement through the Craft from when you were appointed as Past Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies in 2012 and in your forthcoming promotion to Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden at next year’s annual meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge.

The special services that this award recognises are those away from the lodge room and not necessarily in the spotlight. Your accomplishments in this manner are several and quite varied. In particular, but in no order of merit, you have performed great service to the lodge in setting up prior to a regular meeting, ensuring all the equipment and furniture is all there where it should be, in readiness for the ceremony. Such setting up is not limited solely to the lodge room, but also to the dining facilities in the refectory. Preparation for lodge meetings however, is not just a matter of moving tables and chairs around, and I am told that you often assist with rehearsals and lodge of Instruction to ensure the younger Brethren are also brought to an appropriate degree of readiness. I am assured that your friendly encouragement brings on performances that are inspired by your own high standards.

Your dedication to your Brethren, Companions in the Chapter and others is not just limited to their work in the lodge-room, as your work behind the scenes as lodge and chapter almoner sees you out there, visiting the sick and acting as liaison for the Torbay Branch of the Masonic Widows’ Association.

Likewise, your considerable involvement in social events ensures their smooth running and enjoyment by all.

All in all, your contribution to this lodge, this masonic Hall, to Freemasonry in Paignton and in the Province in general is invaluable, inspirational and one that is much admired and appreciated by your Brethren, and it is exactly for this dedication and commitment that the Provincial Grand Master has decided to award you his Certificate of Service to Freemasonry.