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Thomas Britton windowsWhen St Mary Magdalene’s Church in Barnstaple was demolished in 1988 the Honourable Glaziers Company stepped in to rescue the windows which pictured the Building and Dedication of King Solomon’s Temple. Those Stained Glass Windows have lain since then in the cellar of Glaziers Hall in London. Now however through the good offices of the United Grand Lodge of England’s Assistant Grand Master R.W.Bro Sir David Wootton (who is also Worshipful Master of the Glaziers Company) the Windows have been offered to the local Freemasons of Loyal Lodge 251 which meets at Trafalgar Lawn in Barnstaple.

The Windows are an outstanding artefact which commemorates the life of a prominent member of the Barnstaple community and a Past Master of Loyal Lodge: Bro John Thomas Britton (1790 to 1855) and is a small piece of local history. Thomas Britton was an active member of St Mary Magdalene’s Church and it was in 1859 that the stained glass south window of the Church was created and dedicated to his memory.

This unique offer and opportunity has been gratefully accepted by the Brethren of Loyal Lodge. They are now arranging to transport the Stained Glass home, refurbish it and the Museum of Barnstaple & North Devon have agreed to display it prominently within their refurbished building.