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At the regular meeting of Dartmoor Lodge No.4604 on Thursday 13th September 2018 W.Bro. Peter Hawken was presented a certificate of Long Service to Freemasonry by R.W. Bro. Ian Kingsbury JP , Provincial Grand Master for the Province of Devonshire.

On this special occasion he was supported by V.W.Bro. Nicholas A. Ball PGSwdB, Deputy Grand Master; W.Bro Peter J.M. Keaty PSGD, W.Bro. Colin C. Gale PSGD, W.Bro. Christopher Yard PSGD and W.Bro. Charles R. Yelland PJGD all Provincial Grand Masters; W.Bro. D.G. Webber PSGD Past Provincial Grand Master; 11 Grand Officers including W.Bro. Richard Ebrey PAGDC, Provincial Grand Secretary, W.Bro. Graham Lea MBE PAGDC, Provincial Grand Chaplain and W.Bro. Christopher Thomas PAGDC, Provincial Grand Mentor. As W.Bro. Hawken MBE was a member of many Orders there was also a number of brethren supporting these, including W.Bro. William S. Humphries PPrJGW, The Deputy Gand Master of the Mark Master Masons; W.Bro. St.J. French PAGDC, Inspector General Antient and Accepted Rite Rose Croix; W.Bro. Richard Thomas PPrGSuptWks, Sub Prior Knights Templar, W.Bro. Richard Lucas PPrGReg, Intendant General Red Cross of Constantine and W.Bro. Nick White PPrGSwdB, Deputy Intendent General Red Cross of Constantine as well as many Provincial Grand Officers, Past Provincial Grand Officers and Brethren across the Province.


The Meeting was opened by W.Bro. Steve Towl, Worshipful Master who proffered the gavel to the Provincial Grand Master who welcomed everyone to this special meeting for W.Bro. Hawken’s 50-year celebration before returning it back to the Master. Before the official presentation W.Bro Ebrey PAGDC, Provincial Grand Secretary gave a synopsis of W.Bro. Peter Hawken’s life and journey in Freemasonry, and what an incredible journey it has been – So far !.

The following is just a brief part on what has been 50 busy masonic years in Peters life that was read out to the lodge by the Provincial Secretary:

Craft Initiated into Dartmoor Lodge No.4604 on 12 Sept 1968, serving as Master in 1982. Honoured with PPrAGDC in 1991 and PPrJGW in 2000. Grand Rank of PAGDC in 2004 before a promotion to PJGD in 2013.

Chapter Exalted into Unity Chapter No.1247 13th June 1969, in which you were Installed as its First Principal in 1984 and 1995. You were honoured with an appointment to PPrGSwdB in 1997, followed by a promotion to PPrGScN in 2002, before receiving the Grand Rank of PGStBr in 2010.

Order of the Secret Monitor: June 1970, becoming SR (Supreme Ruler) of Vintry Conclave No.189 in 1980. A Founder Member of No 313, 400 and 445 You are now Provincial Grand Chancellor and hold the Grand Rank of Past Grand Councillor.

Mark Master Masons: Advanced into Hawton Mark Lodge No.100 on 11/11/1970, before becoming its Master in 1982. A joining member of 1000, 1116, 1892 and 9001. Served as Provincial Grand Treasurer for Devonshire, before a promotion to the Grand Rank of PAGSwdB in 2003 before becoming PGM in 2006, an office in which you served for ten years until 2016. You were subsequently afforded the honour of being appointed President of the General Board in 2017, a position you still hold.

Royal Ark Mariners: Elevated into St Aubyn RAM No 64 on 19/3/1971 and received Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank. A Founder of Hawton 100 in 1975 and a joining member of Grand Master’s No. 9011 in 2007 and a member of the Grand Master's Royal Ark Council.

Knights Templar: Installed in Royal Veterans Preceptory No.10 in 1994 and later joined The Mandylion Preceptory No.628 where you served as Eminent Preceptor in 2004, and now have the rank of Past Grand Aide de Camp.

Red Cross of Constantine: Joined Mount Lebanon Conclave No.270 in 1994, served as Sovereign in 2001, before going on to be Inspector-General for the Division of Devon and Cornwall, and also having served as Deputy Grand Sovereign of the Order and Grand Cross of Constantine.

Rose Croix: Perfected in St Aubyn Chapter No.20 in January 1997, served as Most Wise Sovereign in 2010 and now hold the high rank of the 30th Degree.

Allied Masonic Degrees: Joined St Aubyn Council No.33TI (the oldest recorded Council in the world) in January 1998, served as WM in 2004 and now hold the Rank of Past Grand Senior Deacon.

Royal Order of Scotland: Joined in January 2004 and are now Worshipful Substitute Provincial Grand Master for the Provincial Grand Lodge of Hertfordshire.

Royal and Select Masters: Joined Dartmoor Valley Council No.250 in May 2005, now hold the rank of Past Grand Conductor of the Council.

Scarlet Cord: Joined 14th February 2008 in Hertfordshire and now Grand Lecturer.

Knights Beneficent of the Holy City: Joined February 2008 and now hold the office of Junior Warden

The Provincial Grand secretary then gave a further talk on his family achievements and Professional life.

“Since your retirement you have spent your time on Masonic activities, walking, church singing, and latterly looking after Wendy. I must thank my conspirators in providing some of this information although a lot came very kindly from yourself. WBro Peter Hawken MBE, your first fifty years in masonry has been a great delight to present and I trust even more enjoyable to have experienced. Thank you for allowing me to present this very condensed list of your achievements in your family, professional and Masonic life”

Before presenting the Certificate, The Provincial Grand Master thanked the Provincial Grand Secretary for preparing and presenting his biography and masonic life and went on to say:

“What we have just heard is outstanding for a Mason, a born leader, everything you have achieved you have earnt, the advice you have given has always been second to none and you are most kind in everything you do. Your achievements both locally in our Province, Nationally and at Grand Lodge our a testimony to you as a Mason. Your 10 years as our Provincial Grand Master in the Mark as well as your achievement to the Mark Festival during your appointment along with all the other achievements in other orders has been exemplary, I along with my Executive, the brethren here and in the whole of our Province can’t thank you enough for all you have done for Freemasonry in general.”

The Provincial Grand Master then told the lodge a few stories in respect to W.Bro. Peter Hawken MBE, the response to this was laughter and applause. Finally, he thanked those Brethren who had come to join in this special day, especially those from the other Orders and the Mark Degree.
W.Bro. Peter Hawken MBE responded informing the lodge how he first joined Dartmoor Lodge No. 4604 and the story behind this, the welcome, how they looked after him in the early days and how friendly the lodge has always been to him. He thanked everyone for the support he had both in his lodge and as Provincial Grand Master of the Mark / RAM Order and for the Certificate presented to him on this special day. The Brethren responded with applause and a standing ovation before continuing the business of the lodge.

The brethren retired to the usual ‘large’ Pasty festive Board.

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