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The last round of mentors' workshops was slightly unusual in that it opened with a presentation by Assistant Provincial Grand Master W. Bro Colin Gale. The attendees were treated to an insight of the forthcoming plans for the 11 step pathway that will be offered to Lodges. The main point being that the pathway has 11 steps and these are broken down in terms of responsibility with 1-6 being covered by the Lodge, steps 7-10 are covered by the Lodge Mentor and step 11 is covered by Province.

2018 April mentors meeting

This means that the Provincial Membership Team and the Provincial Mentoring Team will be working together to help lodges attract, introduce and retain members. Later this year there will be further information distributed about the priocess and the resources available to lodges.

The meeting then progressed into the core areas of mentoring ably led by the Provincial Grand Mentor W. Bro Chris Thomas PAGDC and his team.

Following an update on current practice and resources, the lodge mentors were split into groups to discuss the Pros and Cons of having Personal Mentors rather than just Proposers and Seconders. The teams came up with some very good points and everybody was able to take away some useful information from the exercise.

This was followed by a general Question and Answer session where best practice was shared along with examples of how they worked.