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homeless personWell with Christmas fast approaching and the weather turning colder, it’s at this time our thoughts turn to those less fortunate than us and for me that is the homeless.

Last year, as many of you on Facebook know, I packaged 50 shoe boxes with essential items that homeless people would need. I included items such as hat, gloves, toothpaste and tooth brushe, wipes,  and the list went on. The packaged shoeboxes were donated to the Shekinah Mission Plymouth for distribution to those with the greatest need.

This year with the support of my lodge, The St. John’s lodge No.1247, we are going to do the same but this year I want to add to this by providing Christmas lunch for 50 as well.

I have spoken to Rodger and Barbara from the Mount Edgecombe Masonic Hall and have agreed a great price. The plan is to give them a two course meal with soft drinks (no alcohol to be served) and this would be on a Sunday afternoon in December with volunteers waiting on the tables.

So now for your help and support - I would gladly explain things in more detail in person over a coffee or at a lodge meeting. Last year I had a fantastic reception at a couple lodges and donations from individuals.

With everybody’s help we raised over £300 last year and I would love to do better this year. I have spoken to some members of my lodge and others who are very supportive and want to help me make this happen and with your help and support I believe we can.

Thank you for your time and your support. To offer your services or donations please contact me via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or mobile 07472 931599.

W. Bro Andy Hazell
The St John's Lodge No.1247