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 W. Bro Mark Ormrod PPrGstwd and IPM of The Royal Marines Plymouth Lodge 9528, was selected to take part in the Invictus Games Toronto 2017. The selection process was both brutal and inspiring, which are the two words that are mostly associated with WBro Mark. In one heart stopping moment his life had been brutally shattered when a landmine tore off both his legs and his right arm when serving with the Royal Marines in Afghanistan. Since that event he has been an inspiration to everyone who has met him; recovering from the brink of despair to being able to compete and win in one of the most challenging physical and mental competitions.

Invictus Games 2017 - Prince Harry
W. Bro Mark Ormrod with Prince Harry

Mark very naively thought that disabled sports were a bit of a sympathy showcase where people turned up, did their best, got a pat on the back, then went on their way feeling that they had done something “special” How wrong could he be? In the face of almost overwhelming odds WBro Mark triumphed, he won two Silver and two Bronze medals and was named Man of The Games.

Because of sport and because of The Invictus games W. Bro Mark feels he has totally dominated his injuries, and is back in charge of his life. He has registered for the 2018 Games where he intends to win at least two Gold medals.

W. Bro Mark has established himself on the International stage as ambassador for disabled Veterans and has taken strength and encouragement from the support he has received from Freemasonry.

W. Bro Eddy Roles PPrGSwdB
Royal Marines Plymouth Lodge No. 9528