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St Michael's Lodge and podiatry

At a recent appointment held in the Podiatry Department in Torbay hospital Clive Eden, who is a Freemason and has for 45 years been a type 1 diabetic, was advised by Ruth Gornall, Lead Diabetetes Podiatrist of a project being undertaken by their department to purchase a portable X-Ray machine but due to all the current restrictions it was not available through the usual channels. A reconditioned X-Ray machine would cost £15,000 but will have to be funded through private donations.

Ruth told Clive that as a well-developed multi-disciplinary diabetic foot team who work closely with their orthopaedic and vascular colleagues they are always looking for new ways of working to improve the service they can give to their patients. As a result of their own audit which concurred with other studies that have looked at osteomyelitis in the diabetic foot it was proposed that the purchase of a portable X-Ray machine that could be used in the outpatients clinic to carry out guided bone biopsy would greatly improve the treatment of this condition as it would allow targeted antibiotics to be used immediately, this would prevent the development of resistant bacteria which can be a consequence of having to use multiple courses of broad spectrum antibiotics and would vastly improve the number of limbs which could be saved from amputation. ( A common problem for diabetics).

Clive reported back to the members of his lodge, St. Michaels Lodge of Dawlish who immediately agreed to a donation of £800, this along with other donations brings their current total to just over £4k so they have a long way to go, if there is anyone else out there willing to help please send cheques made out to “Torbay Diabetes Trust Fund” and send them to Ruth Gornell, Lead Diabetes Podiatrist at Torbay District Hospital TQ2 7AA. She and many of her patients will be eternally grateful.

Photo shows Clive Eden presenting cheques to Ruth Gornell.