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After the lodge was closed after our regular meeting on Wednesday 24th May 2017, our guests were invited into the Temple to enjoy a very informative presentation by W.Bros. Tony & Chris Banbury, entitled ‘Secrets, Symbols and Blokes in Pinnies – what’s it all about?’. W.Bro. Chris explained the history of the Order and then W.Bro. Tony explained the symbolism and clothing of Craft Freemasonry. 83 members and guests attended and sat captivated as the Brothers Banbury explained the enjoyment we gain from being Freemasons. The presentation concluded with a Q&A session with our guests showing a great deal of interest in all aspects of Freemasonry.



Afterwards we all sat down to a superb buffet meal provided by Roger and staff at the Mt. Edgcumbe Masonic Hall. The reaction from our guests was very positive and we all appreciated the effort that W.Bros. Tony & Chris put into their presentations.

W.Bro. John Sevieri, PAGDC