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On Tuesday 4th April 2017 I visited Fortescue Lodge No 847 at Honiton to present our Provincial Grand Master’s Certificate to W.Bro Jack David Stephenson Banks PPrJGW to mark his having served fifty years as a freemason, as it was a white table evening the lodge was opened the business of the lodge which was short carried out and the lodge was closed. Ladies and prospective candidates were then admitted into the lodge and some thing which was a first for me I presented the certificate to brother Jack in the presence of his wife, daughter and son in law, I was able to speak about brother Jacks Masonic and family life which has been very full and active, I brought with me the best wishes and congratulations of our Provincial Grand Master Rt W.Bro Ian Kingsbury. Bother Jack thanked me for the time and effort I had put in and for the way I had presented the certificate to him, all responded with loud applause,  all then retired to the lodge refectory and enjoyed an excellent festive board ending yet again another very happy Masonic evening

Derek G Webber PSGD   Past Assistant Provincial Grand Master