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The Devon branch of the MTSFC held its first event of the year at Town Parks Fishery near Paignton on Friday 21st April.  Our guests for the day were eight children from Ellen Tinkham School, whose company we have enjoyed on previous occasions.  Town Parks is a superb venue for these events, being easily accessible, safe and very well stocked. All the casters/helpers arrived on time – a bacon roll and coffee on arrival is always excellent encouragement! Steve Hart had got everything organised faultlessly, so after erecting the tent and putting out all the gear we were ready for the briefings. The Health and Safety checks were carried out, Graham Snell volunteered to be the First Aider for the day and we were ready to start. The children arrived, hats, glasses, drinks, hand wipes etc were all issued and the fishing started.  Very quickly all were catching fish.  The biggest of the day was a five pound carp, which put a huge smile on both the fisherman’s and Roger Pidgeon’s face as he helped him land it.  The best bag was thirteen fish, and all the children caught at least five fish. Lunch was cooked by Jerry, the fishery owner and all participants enjoyed healthy burgers and hot dogs.  The children had to leave by 1400, so after lunch all were presented with a framed certificate and a medal to commemorate the day.  Some still wanted to fish, so carried on until it was time to go.  All in all, a very successful day. My thanks must go to Steve Hart for his superb organisation and running of the event, it takes many hours of work to get these days organised, and he got the sun to shine all day!  Phill Niles, one of our other stalwarts couldn’t make it through illness, but he and Julie will be at the next one.  Thanks to him for all his work as branch secretary.  Thanks also to all the casters/helpers for their dedication to these events, it would be impossible without them.  I would also like to welcome Terry, our new member.  The children arrived looking forward to fishing, and all left smiling, and that’s what makes a very rewarding day for all concerned.