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On Thursday 16th March The Teignbridge Masonic Widows Association invited the Almoners of the lodges in the area to join them at one of their meetings.
Nine almoners along with over thirty Masonic widows were entertained by Brenda  Loosemore,  who gave a delightfully funny  talk entitled “Life Upon the Wicked Stage”, Brenda has spent 50 years on the stage mainly in amateur dramatics and gave us an insight to a way of life behind the scenes unseen by the public.

 After the talk and some of the regular business of the association we were invited to join the ladies for lunch, this turned out to be as entertaining as the earlier talk, the ladies on my table and I am sure from the comments made by the other almoners on theirs as well, were happy to tell us how well the association is doing and how important it is to them all, I am sure they miss their husbands but, they were all there to enjoy themselves as much as they could and it was difficult not to be infected by their enthusiasm for life. If I am still privileged to be the Almoner for my lodge next year, I hope I am invited to go again. Thank you Ladies.

Clive Eden Almoner, St. Michaels Lodge. No. 8186