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St. Margaret's Lodge celebrated their 70th birthday in style at their January meeting with a Lodge photo and a birthday cake baked especially for the occasion.

70th anniversary cake
70th anniversary lodge

A full Lodge witnessed the Raising of our new member, Bro. David Morley and then proceeded to the Festive Board in anticipation of a fine banquet.

There were plans for a photograph to be taken of the Lodge Master, W.Bro. Colin Libby and the senior Past Master W. Bro. P. Wilkins cutting the cake with the Tylers sword but unfortunately the eager Caterers beat us all to it! It just goes to show that all the best laid plans can go wrong.

Consecrated in January of 1946, the Installation meeting was moved to March in 1982 as the previous year only 8 members of the Lodge were able to attend due to the deep snow and freezing temperatures that had descended on Devon.

Remember winters like that?!

Martin Heskins