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As part of their Tercentenary Celebrations, Devonshire Freemasons are combining with the Devon Communities Together (DCT) Charity to provide 300 First Aid boxes to as many local community & Sports centres and Village halls as possible throughout the county covering villages as far apart as Axminster, Okehampton, Clovelly, Plymstock, Rockbeare & Rattery at a cost of over £7000.

first aid boxes 01
first aid boxes 02
first aid boxes 03

Devon Communities Together are a charity with over 50 years of experience. Their aim is to keep the heart of local communities beating, helping resolve matters important to their future being. Devon has over 500 community buildings mostly run by volunteers and the DCT are there to enable them to retain and develop a local identity by giving advice and support to local communities, shops, village halls, post offices and health and welfare services.

When presenting the 300 First Aid Boxes To Elaine Cook, CEO of Devon Communities Together, Worshipful Brother Andy Vodden MBE, Chairman of the “Masonic Tercentenary Committee” said “as an organisation we have been a part of local society for nearly 300 years so it seems right that the Freemasons of Devonshire should continue to support the welfare of our local village communities in this way, the safety of everyone is of paramount importance to us all” When Receiving the First Aid Boxes Elaine Cook said “The support and generosity of the Devonshire Freemasons will be much appreciated by the halls on receipt their free first aid boxes. DCT are committed to supporting and encouraging halls as key organisations within their communities, and we are very thankful for the opportunity to linking up with the Masons to provide some much needed resources.

Pictured Left to Right are
1. Andy Vodden, Elaine Cook.
2. Bob Wood, Elaine Cook, Andy Vodden.
3. Bob Wood, David Kinross, Elaine Cook, Clive Eden, Andy Vodden.

Any Further information required can be obtained from Clive Eden (see above), or David Kinross at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.