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bill bedworth 6927The main business of the evening at the February meeting of The Lodge of Good Intention No.6927 in Barnstaple was to raise Bro. Neil Johnson to the third degree, and this was carried out in superb manner by the W.M. W.Bro. Richard Harding and his team which included W.Bro. W.D. 'Bill' Bedworth who gave the Exhortation, a piece of work he first carried out in the Lodge in 1985 and one he has continually done over the past thirty one years.

The ceremony completed, under the item of 'Any Other Business' the W.M. asked W.Bro. Maurice Eglinton P.S.G.D., P.Asst.P.G.M, a Past Master of 6927, to present W.Bro Bill with a certificate to celebrate his 50 years in Masonry and during that presentation he referred to the outstanding contribution that Bill had made to Freemasonry not only in North Devon but throughout the whole Province.

The assembled company then retired to the refectory where a glass of Champagne was waiting for everyone prior to the Festive Board to celebrate Bill's 50 years and where, during the speeches the W.M. deviated from the usual toast list to include a special toast to W.Bro. Bill.

All in all a great evening and we look forward to Bill's next 50 years!!

Alan Cockman