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W. Bro. Trigger and PGMOn Friday the 11th of March under cover of darkness and in great secrecy, the Provincial Grand Master, Rt.W.Bro. Ian Kingsbury accompanied by W.Bro Richard Ebrey, Assistant Grand Standard Bearer of the United Grand Lodge of England made a clandestine visit to Yealm Lodge No.8277.

Timing their entry to the minute, they quietly knocked on the building door to which a very shocked and surprised Tyler gave them entry. Shortly after, the Tyler gave seven knocks on the door of the Lodge (which probably gave the DC a panic attack!) and the Provincial Grand Master demanded entry into the Lodge. Regaining his composure, the DC then admitted the visitors in due form and the Provincial Grand Master then proceeded with the purpose of the visit – to present a Certificate of Service award to W.Bro. David Trigger to mark his many years of service to Freemasony in general and the Yealm Lodge in particular. This was met with great approbation by the Brethren who were present.

Following the presentation Rt.W.Bro. Kingsbury and W.Bro Ebrey made their getaway and disappeared whence they came, leaving a much pleased and shocked W.Bro Trigger in their wake.

Lodge Tylers be on your guard - for they might return some evening.