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On the 8th November 2016, The Saint Bartholomew Lodge No. 6378 Celebrated the 70th Anniversary of its inauguration on 6th November 1946, now meeting at Manadon Masonic Hall, Smallack Drive, Crownhill, Plymouth.

6378 70 yr certificate 01
6378 70 yr certificate 02

In attendance for this special occasion were RW. Bro. Ian Kingsbury JP, Provincial Grand Master and W.Bro. Colin Gale PSGD , Assistant Provincial Grand Master accompanied by Grand Officers and a number of Active Provincial Officers and many visiting Brethren. To Celebrate this landmark for the Lodge, the Worshipful Master, W.Bro. Mick Proctor before opening, proffered his Gavel to W.Bro. Basil Williams PPrJGW age 96 (being the most senior Past Master of the Lodge) to open the Lodge!

Without hesitation he accepted the gavel and opened the lodge with full ritual and in a superb manner. Having opened the lodge he then proffered the gavel to the Provincial Grand Master that he could continue the business of the evening, but to his surprise the PGM accepted the gavel and in turn surprised W.Bro Basil Williams with a 70 year Certificate, informing him that this being the main reason for attending the celebration event. The Provincial Grand Secretary stood and read a citation in respect to W.Bro. Williams before the PGM formally presented W.Bro. Williams with his Certificate.

W.Bro. Williams received acclimation and a standing ovation from all in the Lodge. He expressed his appreciation to the Provincial Grand Master and thanked St Bartholomew Lodge for the many happy years as a member. W.Bro. Basil Williams was balloted as a Candidate for Initiation into St. John’s Lodge No.1247 and became a Freemason on 12th December 1946. The lodge back then had 118 Brethren and no less than 30 Stewards so progression was unsurprisingly slow taking some 25 years to become a master.

Having been a member of St Bartholomew’s Mens’ Club along with other members of St John’s Lodge who formed the nucleus of Saint Bartholomew Lodge No.6378 which was consecrated in May 1947 some 6 months after Basil’s Initiation. He after a few years became a joining member in March 1949. As part of W.Bro. basil Williams journey in Freemasonry he was Exalted October 1949 into the HRA Chapter No. 1247 . Due to work circumstances W.Bro. Williams could not return to Plymouth until 1966 and finally achieved the Master’s Chair on 1st May 1974, became a PPrSGD in 1988, before being promoted to PPrJGW in 1995.

In the HRA became Z in 1981 and became PPGSN in 1994. Progress into other Orders had been just as distinguished. Joined The Secret Monitor in 1972, becoming Supreme Ruler of Vintry Conclave No.189 in 1982 and since been a founder of three other Conclaves as well as taking the chair of two of them. He was also a member of the Mark Master Masons and Royal Ark Mariners, Red Cross of Constantine, Knights Templar and Knights Templar Priest. W.Bro. Williams PPrJGW a true and worthy Mason……..we salute you !

Article & pictures W.Bro. John Smerdon PAGDC