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Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Romania visits OkehamptonAt the September meeting of the Lodge of Obedience, No 1753, the labour of the evening was to raise Bro. Victor Bejan to the Third Degree.

Victor is a Romanian Dentist, practising in Okehampton and for this occasion, his father, W. Bro. Victor Bejan visited from Romania. Victor senior was accompanied by his friend, no other than the Pro Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Romania, Prof Dr. Caitlin Turliuc. Dr Turliuc's son is studying in the UK and is also a member of the Craft.

As a result we had four Romanian's present. To mark their visit, RWBro Ian Kingsbury, Provincial Grand Master for Devonshire, together with Louis Baycock, PPrAGM, Richard Ebrey, Prov Grand Secretary and Mike Doleman also attended.

An excellent evening was enjoyed by all members and visitors and the Worshipful Master, Mike Leahy, has one to record in his diary!

Tony Clapham