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On the evening of Tuesday 7th June 2016 a donations meeting was held at the Masonic Hall Sidmouth. Three main donations were made. Cheques etc. were presented by Worshipful Brother Malcolm MacDonald who is not only the current Master of the Lodge but is also the Charity Steward.

Lodge of Perseverance No.164 - Charity donations

To the Sidmouth Town Band, towards their appeal to acquire a new headquarters building, as they have outgrown their current one, £1,000. This was received by Adrian Harvey (the Band Leader).

To the 1st Sidmouth Guides, towards the repair and redecoration of their Hall, £1,000. This was received by Lorna Beard the Guide Leader.

To Frankton + 75, which is a team raising money for the Royal Marine Charity, by a re-enactment of the commando raid on shipping in the German occupied French port of Bordeaux in the Bay of Biscay during the Second World War (more popularly known as the Cockleshell Heros), £250. This was received by Mike Robinson who inspired this re-enactment.

There was also the completion of a donation made to Tom Klampfer, the caterer at Sidmouth Masonic Hall, who after many years of loyal service has decided to leave to pursue new interests. As a token of this service, the Lodge of Perseverance No.164 and the Sidmouth Masonic Hall Management Committee collaborated to purchase a new lightweight carbon fibre paddle. Tom is a keen SUP (Stand Up Paddle-boarder).

Finally there was a donation to the Lodge Charity fund of £50 from Worshipful Brother John Eaton and Brother Simon Bennett who won this as runners up in the Devon Masonic Golfing Association Charity Golfing Competition held at Honiton Golf Club on Thursday 26th May. A further £200 was raised for Charity at that event.

A W Rowe