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we need youDear Brother

There can be no doubt that we are now facing changes to our daily lives that none of us has experienced in our lifetimes. The most important thing is that you stay safe and look after those nearest and dearest to you.

I know that your Almoner and other members of your Lodge will have been contacting the more senior members to check that they are well and if they have any requirements or whether they can help in anyway. Remember Brethren, we are only a phone call away and no one should feel they are alone or struggling to get supplies or medicines. We must be there for each other.

There can be no doubt that these challenging times will affect some of our Brethren more than others; demand for our charitable support will never be greater. Our Lodges have always supported the MCF generously and conscientiously and I am asking you, for your support now, in this difficult time.

Obviously, we can no longer meet every month due to the HM Governments restrictions on social gatherings and to that end we are not able to ask you to support our charities through the raffle and alms collections. Can I therefore ask you at this time to support the MCF through a phone donation of £5 monthly instead of the monies you would have put into the raffle on your Lodge evening. This is really simple from any mobile phone.

Simply text DEVON2023 to 70500

You will then receive a text from the MCF asking for your personal details, your Lodge number and if you would like to add Gift Aid (please do this, if you are a UK tax payer, as it means the Government adds 25% to the sum being donated). If you do not complete your personal details then the donation will be anonymous and not allocated to you or your Lodge.

For those without a personal mobile phone you can also donate online by visiting this URL - Festival 2023 Donation

I can assure you this will make a big difference and urge you to support this cause (if you do support this, would you please advise your Charity Steward so that he can keep a record of it). Thank you in anticipation of your support and help at this most vulnerable time.

Yours, sincerely and fraternally

W. Bro. Peter J.M. Keaty, PSGD, APGM
Festival Chairman.