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  1. PGM awards donation to charity nominated by Lodge of St George No.2025
  2. Excester donates £2,000 to Balloons Charity
  3. Cheque will help to achieve an ambition
  4. Cornwall & Devon Freemasons unite to provide a life changing mobility scooter
  5. Freemasons donate £1,000 to Hospiscare’s Kings House in Honiton
  6. Masonic Motorcycling Madness
  7. Courtland Lodge presents £2,000 to local charities
  8. Freemasons donate £1,083 to Children's Hospice South West
  9. Devonshire Freemasons donate £1,580 to Rowcroft Hospice
  10. Lopes Lodge No.5526 have raised £15,000
  11. The Masonic Trout Fishing Charity (MTSFC)
  12. Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF) Annual General Meeting
  13. Devon Freemasons Unclamp Freedomwheels Charity
  14. Plymouth Drake Foundation give thanks for donation
  15. Assistance for new wheelchair for Exmouth resident
  16. WAKE Fund £25,000 Autumn Disbursement Friday 2nd November 2017
  17. Plymouth Freemason looking to improve on last year's shoebox appeal for the homeless.
  18. Community Awards Extra
  19. Cardiff Half Marathon 2017
  20. Homeless Plymouth women receive £40,000 grant from Devonshire Freemasons
  21. £79,000 charity awards from Devonshire Freemasons
  22. WAKE Fund £20,000 Spring Disbursement 2017
  23. Air Ambulances have received £2.1 million
  24. Erme Lodge donates to Mustard Tree Charity
  25. Devon Community Foundation
  26. Just like England, Crediton Rugby Club are Winners!
  27. Hospiscare’s Pine Lodge in Tiverton
  28. Freemasons donate £1829 to Childrens Hospice
  29. Plymouth Drake Foundation – Charity donation!
  30. Freemasons donate £2000 to North devon Hospice
  31. Freemasons Donate £2790 to Rowcroft Hospice
  32. Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF) Dec 2016
  33. MCF Hospice Grants 2016
  34. Masonic Charitable Foundation
  35. WAKE Fund Autumn Distribution October 2016
  36. Barnstaple Rugby Football Club – Junior Section
  37. Lodge No.6706 presents £2215.85 to CHSW
  38. Vale of Haldon No. 7949
  39. Masonic Samaritans Fund (MSF) March 2015
  40. Masonic First Aid kits for 300 year celebrations
  41. WAKE Fund Autumn Distribution October 2015