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lockdown eventsAs you are no doubt aware a number of planned events in support of the MCF Festival have been cancelled or postponed due to social distancing. However I am delighted to report that many of you across the Province are still enjoying Masonic Friendships and get-togethers by other means such as WhatsApp, Facetime, or one of the Video platforms, such as Zoom.

Some Lodges, have set up regular Quiz, Bingo and even Race Nights on WhatsApp and Zoom with a small entry fee, where possible, in order to raise funds for the MCF Festival and their own local charities.

Sir Joshua Reynolds Lodge have raised circa £700 so far, with £400 donated to the Festival Fund. My team of four really enjoyed their superb Quiz Night last Saturday, expertly organised by John Hensman, with the winning team receiving a super food hamper. Most importantly, we had a great night and it meant we could have fun whilst still supporting our Masonic Charities. Well done John, thank you for your hard work. John is planning a “Race Night” in 3 to 4 weeks, covering anything from Snail Racing to Horse Racing.

The Vale of Haldon Lodge have also been very supportive of the Festival with Jimmy Hill and others running an extended “Bingo Game” over several days, again with a small entry fee and a winners’ prize of £75.They are hoping to raise £500 to be donated to the Festival Fund, for which we thank you.

Other Lodges are no doubt running similar Events and if so, PLEASE do let us know so we can share your success around the Province.

If any Lodge would like to run similar Events and require further information about those reported here, please do contact me.

Finally, The Festival Committee thank you ALL for your continued support during this difficult time and please remember:


Keith Williams Festival Events Co-ordinator.
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