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mcf agm 2019As one of the two Provincial Member Representatives I have the pleasure of working with our Provincial Charity Steward Reuben Ayres on the MCF.

At our twice yearly MCF Members Meetings we are able to question the President and his team on the workings of the MCF and gain a greater understanding of their commitment.

It was reported that we as Freemasons gave £18 Million to encourage opportunity, promote independence and improve wellbeing for tens of thousands of people. This included: - 

  • Financial Stability – 1,650 families received grants to cover essential daily living costs.
  • Mental Health – 345 people used the counselling service.
  • Education – 622 children and young people received grants to support their studies.
  • Mobility – 688 people received mobility equipment to help them live more independently.
  • Medical Treatment – 766 grants funded faster medical treatment for people on long NHS waiting lists.
  • RMBI Care Co. – 1,510 people received quality care in our RMBI homes.
  • Research – 6 new medical research PHD students were established.
  • Rescue Services – 22 air ambulances and rescue services were supported.
  • Disaster Relief – £165,000 supported disaster relief efforts in Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, India and Guatemala.
  • Bereavement – 254 Hospice services benefitted from our funding.

The MCF said a big Thank You to all of the volunteers, partners, staff and of course the Freemasons and their families who fund their work and they know that they could not do any of their good work without us.

For advice on the Financial, Health, Family and Care support available and how to apply, speak to your Lodge Almoner or contact the MCF on Freephone 0800 035 60 90 / Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The photograph shows Les Hutchinson (Chief Operating Officer) and myself before the meeting.

Andy Vodden MBE PAGDC
MCF Provincial Representative