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st michaels senseSt. Michaels Masonic Lodge who meet in Barton Terrace, Dawlish six times a year, from November to April are a fine dining lodge who, after sampling the delights their chef Angie puts before them, relax with a pinch of snuff.

Now anyone who has ever sampled snuff will know that it can lead to a bout of sneezing, if this is the case you will definitely need to blow your nose, to this end as part of their charitable giving the charity steward sells them hankies embroidered with the emblem of the lodge (as seen in the photo).

The result has been that that this year they have raised £925 during their six meetings which they have donated to SENSE, a charity who have 2 residential centres and a day care building in Exeter & Seaton. The primary aim of SENSE is to support children and young people and adults with complex communication needs including those who are Deafblind (yes that is one word for this dual sensory Rubella contracted problem) and helps them to communicate, connected and understood.

When recently W. Bro. Clive Eden caught up with this enthusiastic group of volunteers from the Devon Support Group they were just undertaking a three day exhibition in the Chapter House of Exeter Cathedral of the services that are available to those who have these needs. He presented them with the cheque for £925 saying...

“the brethren of St. Michaels were happy to have had tears brought to their eyes by the snuff and were delighted to be able to bring some joy to those individuals that are supported so well by SENSE.”

Peter Mulholland a member of the Sense Devon Group Committee thanked Clive assuring him that a 100% of the donation would be used to purchase products that will ease the life’s of those they support.

The photo shows L to R. Phillip Welsford, Peter Mulholland, Clive Eden & Jane Mulholland standing outside one of the side entrances of Exeter Cathedral.