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Children with needs fishingThe MTSFC is a registered charity and its aim is to bring an interactive fishing experience to people over the age of eleven with needs. This is achieved by holding fishing events and inviting people from Special Schools, Adult Day Centres and similar places to attend.

The Devon Branch of the MTSFC has been very successful in achieving this aim, and we hold both Fly and Coarse fishing events throughout the season in various locations. We try to hold three events per year for up to twelve participants, depending on the number of helpers we have. All coaching and fishing is done on a one to one ratio of helper/fisher. This is for safety reasons and to make sure that participants get the most possible enjoyment out of the day.

All of the coaches and helpers derive a great deal of satisfaction from helping a guest to catch fish. The look of excitement on a guest’s face as they hook a nice fish is reward enough for all of us.

All events are fully catered, and the fishing and safety gear is provided for each guest and helper. We operate within the rules provided by the MTFSC to ensure a safe and enjoyable day.

The mainstay of the organisation is brethren who are willing to give up to three days a year to assist in this worthwhile venture. If you feel that you can help, no matter how often, please contact me with your details. My email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The AGM is taking place on 3rd February at 1100hrs in the Exmouth Masonic Lodge building. Any potential volunteers are welcome to attend. We will retire to the local Wetherspoons for lunch on completion.

Keith Rigby
Per Mare Per Terram Lodge
No 9355