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On Thursday 31st March at 1830 at the Courtland road Masonic centre in Paignton a donation was made to Totnes community hospital by lodge members of therapeutic pets. As shown in the image below, these are not real live animals but imitation pets that have soft fur and simulated breathing to mimic a real pet.

Pictured from right to left  are Phil Greenway Courtland lodge  Charity Steward, Nicola Greenway health care assistant, Alison Taylor deputy matron and Steve Almond Worshipful Master of Courtland  lodge, Paignton.

These therapeutic pets will aid patients in their care. Although mostly used as a therapy for patients suffering with dementia, Totnes hospital cares for all manner of patients and is a after treatment care hospital. The role the hospital plays is between patients undergoing treatment and the period to them being sent home.

These pets provide comfort and reassurance for patients and a form of companionship for people whilst in hospital. They also act to ease the feeling that being in hospital brings and act to relieve the steed that patients may feel. Amongst the pets are a a variety from cats, through to terriers and Scottie dogs.

James Leader
Courtland Lodge Communications Officer