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Mark Hart supporting St Lukes HospiceMarks’ Masonic journey all started with his Mother Lodge at The St Aubyn Lodge Number 954 - Stoke Village Plymouth.

Since being raised he has also been a member of Mayflower Lodge 7241 home of Widows Sons Masonic Bikers Association located at Mount Edgecombe Masonic Hall before the lodge was moved to Uffculme where he found himself in office as Inner Guard, and also a member Earl of St German 7031 in the Province of Cornwall.

Late 2020 Mark signed up for the Ocean City Half marathon (Plymouth Half marathon) for May 2021 which got cancelled until 05 Sept 21 the same day as a yearly Pilgrims charity ride out, which was introduced after a founding member of the Widows Sons Southwest Chapter passed away called Robs Walls. This charity ride named ‘Robs Run’ was started in his honor with the monies raised going to St Lukes Hospice Plymouth. So on the same day Mark was very busy as he was organising and running an event for St Luke's Hospice Plymouth.

Plymouth Half Marathon

Mark arrived at Plymouth promenade at 0700 to help set up the St Lukes pitch, then was ready to start his run at 0830. This was Marks first Plymouth Half Marathon. He did it in a very respectable time of 2.02.53 which was an average of 9:20-9:30 minutes per mile. Marks only other half marathon was the Oxford half marathon, which was on the 14 Oct 2012 where he ran 2:29:53.. 9 years ago whilst he was so called in his prime and serving in the Royal Air Force.

Mark Raised £ 612.50 running the Half Marathon.

After completing the half marathon Mark had to get to the next event on the far side of Plymouth, get changed into his biker gear and start the next charity event all in 20 minutes.…

Rob's Run

Mark was given the duties of organising ‘Robs Run’ back when he was with the Southwest Chapter and he has been doing it every year since. This being the 4th year. Last year and this year was a massive challenge as we was still holding the event through covid (which was a massive task as extra forms, tasks and precautions was needed).

75 bikes attended the run this year and plus the kind gift of 42 ‘Robs Run’ t-shirts being donated by Mark Stone at BMC Plymouth and selling these on for 100% profit in total we have raised to date £1090 for St Luke's Hospice Plymouth.

Following on from the Robs Run Mark invited all Widows Sons back to his house for a BBQ…

Presidents BBQ

8 Members of the Pilgrims came back to the very knackered President’s house and he held a BBQ for which all donations raised during the evening also went into the St Luke's pot. This little event (wind down) from a long and tiring day raised a nice handful of cash (£45) which was taken to the St Luke's shop in person. All in all, the three events raised £1747.50 gratefully received by St Lukes Hospice Plymouth.