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living options donation 2021Mobility:- Providing information and advice needed to make daily tasks easier, and to give access to services that put enjoyment into living.

The Deaf Community:- The Deaf Led team understands the importance of Deaf culture and know from personal experience the issues faced by Deaf people and the best advice and support to overcome these.

Sight and Hearing:- The specialist team offers free support, impartial advice and equipment information in relation to living with sight loss, hearing loss and tinnitus.

Hidden Disabilities:- Not all disabilities are immediately obvious. A wide range of medical, sensory, neurological, and mental health conditions can impact on daily living.

The service caters for everyone with these disabilities, but is aimed especially at older people who comprise the majority of Living Options’ clients.

Loneliness and isolation can have a devastating effect on health, being linked to a range of conditions including high blood pressure, sleep deprivation, a compromised immune system and depression. This Grant from the Masonic Charitable Foundation will be directed at continuing the role of Specialist advisor for Sight and Hearing loss at Living Options Devon, a role that was in doubt.

Diana Crump, Chief Executive Officer, said:

"We are delighted to have been awarded the funding from the Masonic Charitable Foundation. The funding ensures we can continue to provide support to disabled people and people with sight and hearing loss. Our specialist team will be able to provide information and advice on sight and hearing loss equipment and how to access services online. They will also be able to signpost people to relevant support services in their area".

Head of the Freemasons in Devon, the Provincial Grand Master, R.W. Bro Ian Kingsbury responded with:

“I’m very pleased we’ve been able to help Living Options with their hugely important project aimed at some of the most vulnerable people in our community.
Loneliness can lead to severe health issues, with some experiencing health problems similar to severe stress. The pandemic has made reaching them even more difficult.
This is money from Devon Freemasons returning to help communities in Devon, that's very good to see.”

Bro Alec Collyer MBE
Provincial Press Officer