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The Marshalling Volunteers are still coming forward, promoting “Freemasonry in the Community”.

It is great to see Freemasons and also their wives stepping up to volunteer along with local Brethren at the RICC Vaccination Centre in Torquay.

Sally Hipwell, Jasamine Adroit alongside W. Bro. Georges Adroit, W. Bro. Keith Bower and his brother, W. Bro. Colin Bower, both of True Love & Unity Lodge No. 248 in Brixham all helping out.

Sally Hipwell
Jasamine and Georges Adroit
Keith Bower
Colin Bower

Grateful Thanks to them all for their much needed support of this vital project.

With more people returning to work the pool of volunteers is diminishing. If you or anyone you know would like to volunteer then please do let Keith know.

W.Bro. K. G. Williams A.G.D.C.
Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies