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4239 bowel cancer support groupIn my capacity as their VGO and Trustee of the Benevolent Fund it was an honour to be asked to join Rowan Sharkey (Charity Steward) and Ken Bullard (Almoner) of Tamar Lodge No 4239 when they presented their WAKE Fund cheque for £830 to Wendy Wilson (Chairperson) and Robert Keith (Treasurer) of the Plymouth and District Bowel Cancer Support Group.

Wendy Wilson said;

“Our support group are so grateful for your amazing donation to our Plymouth and District Bowel Cancer Support Group. Every penny will be used to help support the members in our group”.

Rowan gave grateful thanks to the Brethren of Devonshire for their generosity, saying that although Tamar Lodge put in the WAKE Fund application, it was donations from throughout the Province that made it possible and that it was especially poignant for Ken and myself as we’ve both been diagnosed and treated for bowel cancer and thanks to the superb care and skills of the NHS have been able to carry on with our lives.

W.Bro Rowan Sharkey PPrAGDC
Bro Ken Bullard PPrJGD
W.Bro Andy Vodden PAGDC